According to the 2020 census by the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico, it is estimated that there are around 100,000 stray dogs on the island. This figure includes both dogs that live completely on the streets as well as those that have an owner but are in a state of abandonment or mistreatment.

As a purpose-driven company, we are committed to the social mission of supporting animal welfare organizations and to promote adoption of pets from animal shelters. Looking to the future, the company aims to donate a portion of its profits to animal rescue and rehabilitation programs to help find loving homes for pets in need.  

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  • Vision

    We are focused on creating high-quality and innovative toys that enhance the lives of pets and their owners. We aim to become a trusted and beloved brand in the pet industry, known for our commitment to safety, durability, and Puerto Rican fun through ethical and responsible business practices.

  • Mission

    As pioneers in the pet toy industry in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Tois Inc. creates the most entertaining, memorable, and eye-catching locally-made toys for pets inspired by Puerto Rican cultural icons.

    Ultimately, we design products that build strong relationships between owners and their pets, bringing joy, excitement, and comfort.


María Luisa & Augusto Enrique co-founded Tois Inc. after discovering their shared passion for animals and entrepreneurship. María Luisa's studies in Accounting and Augusto's experience in business led them to co-found the first 100% Puerto Rican brand of pet toys.

Today, Tois Inc. counts with an all-local team of two designers and over six (6) female artisans who are passionate to deliver high-quality, hand- crafted toys to bring Boricua entertainment for pets all around the World.