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Aguacate Boricua 🥑

Aguacate Boricua 🥑

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Did you know?

"Avocado, known as aguacate has a rich history in Puerto Rican culture. The fruit was first introduced to the island by the Taíno Indians, and later became an important food source for enslaved Africans on plantations. Avocado is used in a variety of local dishes and is also believed to have medicinal properties for treating various ailments. It has become an important part of Puerto Rican cuisine and culture."

Toy Description
  • Designed & handcrafted 100% in Puerto Rico
  • Minky soft plush toy 
  • Built-in squeaky 
  • Fun size, easy to grab 
  • Easy to clean

Toy Specifications

  1. Quantity- x1 toy
  2. Size- 7.0 in X 5.0 in X 3.0 in
  3. Material- 100% polyester
  4. Color- green, yellow, light brown


  1. This toy is (not) recommended for heavy chewers. 
  2. Hand-wash with cold water.
  3. Small parts can present a choking hazard, supervise your pet.
  4. Tois, Inc. is not liable in case of injury or damages.
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