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Jalowin Bundle

Jalowin Bundle

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Did you know? 
The Chupacabra which translates to goat-sucker, is a mythical creature from Latin American folklore and its first reported sightings date back to the 1990s in Puerto Rico. 
Gift your pet Boricua-style fun with the Jalowin Bundle! This bundle comes with 'Chupis' the vegan chupacabra and 'Bati' the bat from the Cuevas del Río Camuy.

Toy Description 
  • Designed & handcrafted 100% in Puerto Rico
  • Minky soft plush toy 
  • Built-in squeaky 
  • Fun size, easy to grab 
  • Easy to clean

Toy Specifications

  1. Quantity- x2 toys
  2. Size item #1- 8.0 in X 8.0 in X 1.5 in / Size item #2- 8.0 in X 5.0 in X 1.5
  3. Material- 100% polyester
  4. Color item #1- Green, yellow, red / Color item #2- black, white


  1. This toy is (not) recommended for heavy chewers.
  2. Hand-wash with cold water.
  3. Small parts can present a choking hazard, supervise your pet.
  4. Tois, Inc. is not liable in case of injury or damages.
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